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We have been in business since 2017.  We bring personnel from a variety of backgrounds - US military Special Operations, the Intelligence Community, law enforcement to include Chiefs of Police and private industry security to include several Chief Security Officers – to ensure we have the appropriate personnel available to meet customer unique needs. Our approach is to understand our customer, their culture, and adapt a solution that is thorough, fiscally responsible and makes our customer’s lives easier.

Meet the Team

Inner Circle Solutions, a Limited Liability Company, was established in Delaware in May 2017.  Inner Circle Solutions is the realization of a dream that was formed through numerous discussions between two of the owners, Matt and Buffy, who worked together for 10 years in the industry.  Their vision was to start and build a business that capitalized on their experience and skill in delivering successful security operations, information technology, program management, investigations, and acquisition solutions to government and private industry.

Over the years, they kept in close contact and continued discussing and refining the idea of starting a business together.  In 2017, Buffy incorporated the business Inner Circle Solutions with a future goal that the business would develop organically over time. In 2020, Matt joined Inner Circle Solutions and the business ignited. Matt and Buffy are Founders of Inner Circle Solutions, LLC.

Today they bring together a dynamic team of resources to develop targeted solutions to support your organization’s Security and Crisis Management needs.

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