Inner Circle Solutions, LLC

Security & Intelligence

Inner Circle is a consulting firm specializing in Security and Crisis Management.

Inner Circle is led by corporate Chief Security Officers who have local, state and federal government experience.  This experience enhances our ability to understand culture, ask the right questions and comprise a solution to fit any unique need.  Our staff is comprised of military special operations, law enforcement, and private security professionals with a broad range of skills and experiences. Let us know how we can help you with your security concerns!

Crisis Management

A strong Crisis Management Plan helps protect businesses by responding to and recovering from threatened or actual natural disasters, acts of terrorism, or other man-made disasters.


Risk and Threat Assessment

A risk assessment is used to help identify areas of vulnerability.  The risk assessment will contain recommendations to help secure your areas of concern.



Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE), help manage your risk and vulnerabilities from corruption and mismanagement


Cyber Security

As a trusted advisor, Inner Circle Solutions can help you quantify your risks and protect you from very costly data breaches.


Security Technology
Design & Development

Inner Circle will engage your representative to identify risks and develop a solution to protect employees, intellectual property and assets.


Professional Management Services

Inner Circle, offers management services for artist that desire a risk based, security focused approach that delivers outstanding results.


LEarn how Inner Circle can protect you and your organization